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Digital Ghana | Minister's Message

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Welcome to the Digital Migration website, where you have access to the latest and credible information as Ghana says goodbye to analogue broadcasting.

The journey to migrate to digital started way back in 2006 when Ghana and other members of the ITU signed an agreement in Geneva, setting 17th June, 2015 as the deadline for all countries in Africa, Europe and Middle East as well as Russia to migrate to digital terrestrial television broadcasting technology in the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Band. The Agreement furthermore set 17th June, 2020 as the deadline for migrating to the Very High Frequency (VHF) Band. That is why it is mandatory for Ghana and the other member countries in the areas specified above to migrate.

Our nation is migrating to digital to offer more programmes, more services, improved quality and to improve spectrum use and energy efficiencies.

Also, Ghana is migrating to provide improved services and to ensure that our broadcasting services are protected from interference from neighbouring countries. Finally, the migration would result in enhanced mobile broadband services.

Switching from Analogue television to Digital Terrestrial television is an exercise that the Government of Ghana is taking very seriously as the country stands to benefit immeasurably from this project. Going digital will improve the country in education development, information dissemination, job creation as well as create new investment opportunities.

The DTT project can truly be said to be truly Ghanaian, as the entire process was done by Ghanaians, paid for by Ghanaians and to be used by Ghanaians.

Ghanafuo, let’s go digital!