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Digital Ghana | The Digital Broadcasting Migration Committee

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The Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Communications(MoC) established a regulatory and industry task force named the Digital Broadcasting Migration Committee (DBMC). 

The Task force comprises of representatives from:

  •  Ministry of Communications
  •   National Communications Authority (NCA)
  •   Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning
  •   Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and the
  •   Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA)
  •   National Media Commission
  •   Ghana Institution of Engineers
  •    and Technical Experts

The terms of reference of the Task Force includes:

  • Determine the spectrum to be made available for digital broadcasting in Ghana.

  • Determine strategies on the use of spectrum for digital broadcasting services.

  • Make recommendations on spectrum pricing for digital broadcasting services Recommend appropriate standards for digital broadcasting services.

  •  Identify technical issues to be addressed with neighbouring countries to ensure harmonious spectrum usage.

  •  Consider free-to-air vs free access vs subscription digital broadcasting systems.

  •  Consider the role that satellite broadcasting should play in the Ghanaian digital broadcasting landscape.