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What Are My Rights?
Consumers are entitled to the following rights with regards to television broadcasting services.
1.    The right to have access to basic broadcasting services.
2.    The right to choose from a range of broadcasting services provided.
3.    The right to be able to purchase a DTT approved Set Top Box.
4.    The right to have a variety of information to choose from services advertised.
5.    The right to be informed about products and services in complete, accurate, simple and clear language.
6.    The right to complain and to be heard about Set Top Boxes (STB), quality of broadcast, delay and tariff with regard to the nature of the broadcasting service provided.
7.    The right to redress, to be given a fair settlement of just claims.
8.    The right to consumer education on services available.
9.    The right to be notified about planned interruption or termination of services.

What Are My Responsibilities As A Consumer?
Consumer Rights are best safeguarded when Consumers fulfil their responsibilities.
Specifically consumers must:
1.    Not rely solely on service providers’ information and choice.
2.    Read carefully the terms and conditions on contracts, promos and adverts and understand them before opting in.
3.    Be abreast of service and product information.
4.    Compare price, quality standard and features to make informed decisions before making or entering into a contract.
5.    Provide proof of purchases or receipts and documents invariably obtained and keep safely.
6.    Pay bills promptly to avoid disconnection.
7.    Inform Service Provider about changes in personal circumstances such as change in name or address.
8.    Keep receipts, cancelled contracts, bills and instruction. They will be useful in problem solving.