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NCA Organizes Sensitization Workshop on DTT Receiver Conformance Regime

  |   News & Events » Latest News » NCA Organizes Sensitization Workshop on DTT Receiver Conformance Regime

The National Communications Authority has held a sensitization workshop on Digital Terrestial Television (DTT) Receiver Conformance Regime for dealers, manufacturers, agents and retailers of TV sets and set top boxes as Ghana gradually moves from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting by July 2015. ;

The Deputy Director General, Mr. Albert Enninful in his opening remarks, expressed the hope that with the participants as stakeholders, the NCA was sure that consumers, who are the end users would face little or no inconveniences during the migration.

Mr. Enninful stressed on the role that participants were expected to play, saying that as partners, they were expected to:

• Know the advantages of the migration
• Understand how the right equipment guarantees the consumer better experience with DTT
• Gain an in-depth knowledge of the conformance regime with regards to set-top boxes  to   support and enhance end-user experience
• Resolve complexities associated with receiver testing and possible issues that are   likely to come up as you interact with the general public
• Address counterfeiting of consumer equipment and possible concerns of the consumer

He went on further to say that within Ghana, the opportunity exist for growing them to grow their business as the transition would require every household to purchase either a digital TV set or a set top box.

The Deputy Director General also said that as Ghana makes headway with DTT, it may be possible for other ECOWAS states to learn from us as they already have regarding standards for the receivers adding that there would also be the possibility of increased trade within West Africa.

Mr. Edmund Fianko, Manager, Engineering Division who gave the main presentation took participants through the need for the migration to Digital Broadcasting and exposed them to the key issues including the transition period, the conformance logo and mascot, and the draft conformance regime for their study and inputs.

The workshop which was organized on the 11th day of December witnessed about 90 participants from the communications and media industries. Participants who attended the workshop said that it was a very useful platform for them.